What a Difference Hands – On Physical Therapy makes…

We approach restoration of your movement and function from a different perspective. We provide a specialized form of physical therapy called Manual Therapy. Our therapists use their hands to correct problems in joints, muscle tissues, or connective tissues. Addressing neuro-musculoskeletal impairments to the roots of most patients’ problem. We like to work on the source of a patient’s problem and the results are restoration of movement, function, and quality of life.

Our dedicated staff provides professional care and individualized treatment programs for:

Neck & Back Dysfunction

Sport Injuries

Arthritis / Degenerative Joint Conditions

Post Motor Vehicular Accidents

Cumulative / Repetitive Stress Disorders

Work Related Injuries

Neurological Impairments

Stroke / Traumatic Brain Injuries / Spinal Cord Injuries

Headache Disorders

Temporal Mandibular Joint Impairments

Post Total Joint Replacements

Post Fracture Conditions